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Chaos in Playa del Carmen after double semi overturns

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A semi driver who lost control of his unit ended up flipping his trailer at a set of lights along Arco Vial. The Playa del Carmen accident was reported to emergency services Monday by other motorists.

Responding authorities arrived to find traffic chaos with half of one overturned double-long unit and a second damaged unit. Reports say due to speed, the driver of the double-long semi lost control at an intersection as he approached a set of lights, slamming into a second unit, a beer truck, and pushing that vehicle into the another lane.

The impact of the hit caused half of the first semi to overturn. It landed on its side, completely blocking traffic near Centro Maya. A portion of the trailer came to rest on a compact car with two people inside.

Municipal Transit elements were called to deal with traffic while tow trucks arrived to upright and remove the units. The driver of the semi along with the couple from the compact car were attended to by ambulance paramedics.