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Mexico to maintain diplomatic relations with Peru after ambassador kicked out

Mexico City, Mexico — The Ministry of Foreign Relations has instructed Ambassador Pablo Monroy Conesa to return to Mexico in order to protect his safety and physical integrity.

The order came after communication from Peru declared Ambassador Pablo Monroy Conesa persona non grata. The Embassy of Mexico in Peru will be left in charge of the first secretary Karla Tatiana Ornelas Loera, who is the current head of the Mission’s Chancellery.

The government of Mexico says Mexican representation will continue to operate normally after this movement. The government of Mexico also said that they will continue to keep communication channels open with all interlocutors, especially to meet the needs of Mexicans residing in Peru.

On Tuesday, Peru gave the Mexican ambassador 72 hours to leave the country. Mexico’s Foreign Ministry advised Ambassador Pablo Monroy Conesa to return to Mexico for his own safety.

On Wednesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Mexico will maintain diplomatic relations with Peru, after that country’s authorities declared Ambassador Pablo Monroy Conesa persona non grata.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided not to break relations, among other things, because we need to maintain our embassy to protect Mexicans who work or live in Peru, so the embassy continues in its function,” he said.

In a morning press conference, he regretted the unjustified decision made by the Peruvian government in the face of the political context of the Andean country.

“We regret the decision made by the Peruvian government, a government that is highly questioned as a whole for its actions, above all, for opting for repression and not seeking a way out through dialogue and with the democratic method of calling elections as soon as possible to avoid a situation of political instability that, as we have said many times, fundamentally affects the people of Peru,” he added.

“I sincerely hope that an agreement is reached and I consider that it is best to call immediately, with enough time to prepare, a general election. The democratic method is the medicine for Peru in this situation and hopefully it will be resolved,” he said.

Last week, members of Peruvian political parties requested the country break diplomatic relations with Mexico and declare Mexico’s president ‘persona non grata’.