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Government of Mexico grants Castillo family asylum and returns stranded Mexicans in Peru

Mexico City, Mexico — The Government of Mexico has granted asylum to the family of the former president of Peru, Pedro Castillo. Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon made the report Tuesday.

Foreign Minister Ebrard confirmed that the family has already been granted asylum and that they are in Mexico. “The asylum has already been granted to them because they are in Mexican territory, that is, they are in our embassy, and when they are in the embassy, well, you grant them asylum.

“It is an independent, sovereign decision of Mexico. What is being negotiated […] is the safe-conduct so that, if they want to leave, they can do so and come to Mexico, if they wish,” he explained.

Ebrard also said the government continues to work on returning Mexicans in Peru to the country. On Tuesday, he detailed there were 540 Mexican nationals in Peru during the start of their political issues.

“540 Mexican nationals were registered in Peru […] the Mexican embassy there, headed by Pablo Monroy, established contact with all of them. Of this, the ones that worried us the most were two groups in particular, 312 in the Cusco region […] and a team in Trujillo that is in another region of Peru, further north, which fortunately has already arrived in Mexico,” he detailed.

“Of the cases in Cusco, 17 people from Jalisco and Mexico City have been supported with resources for lodging because their stay was extended and they had no resources there or the banks are closed, and 11 people from Aguascalientes,” he specified.

Secretary Ebrard explained that 43 people were transferred from Lima to Mexico with the support of Aeroméxico. “Also some people who were on a walk in Machu Picchu we were able to locate and move.”

He commented that 29 people were transferred from Cusco to Lima on a humanitarian flight that was obtained in Peru.

He said around 80 percent of the Mexican tourists have already returned to Mexico or will return in the next two days as scheduled.

And he reported that “the President of the Republic offered us, and we informed the ambassador of this, that if necessary, support from the [Mexican] Air Force would be mobilized. Until now it has not been essential because we are succeeding in moving everyone.”