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Four arrested for again, attempting to invade Akumal land

Tulum, Q. R. — Four people have been taken into police custody after they were found attempting to enter land belonging to the state government.

The four were arrested by police in Akumal when they were found on the land after a recent eviction. Over the weekend, a large group of squatters were evicted from plots of land they had claimed as their own, however, one of the plots of land was private and the other, property of the state.

On Monday, four of the recently evicted returned to the state land, which is guarded by security detail. The four were taken into custody, which led to an attempted street closure by other invaders protesting their detainment. Several police units responded to the attempt to block town access.

It is the third time since March police have been involved in squatters attempting to invade the same plots of Akumal land.