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Violence in both Mexico and the U.S. affects prosperity says Salazar

Mexico City, Mexico — The United States Ambassador to Mexico says violent events that happen in both Mexico and the U.S affect the country’s prosperity. He says a key to problem solving is to work together.

Ken Salazar, the United States Ambassador to Mexico, acknowledged that the problem of insecurity worries the Joe Biden Government, not only events that occur in Mexico, but also on U.S. soil because without peace there can be no prosperity.

“Regarding security, there are many security problems not just in Mexico, but also in the United States. As I have discussed with the two Presidents, there can be no prosperity if there is no security,” he said.

His remarks were made during the recent Inter.Mx Expansión Summit 2022 where he acknowledged that while they share the same objective regarding security, it will need to be achieved jointly.

“We are going to achieve security as partners, always respecting the sovereignty of Mexico,” he said.

In recent weeks, violent events have generated exchanges of accusations for what is done and not done in terms of security. Ambassador Salazar commented that it is time to deliver results in terms of security in Mexico because violence inhibits investment.

Regarding the travel alerts issued by the United States Government, Salazar was emphatic when saying they will be maintained. He explained they were generated to alert American citizens of possible risks in foreign countries.

“That is not going to change because our responsibility is to protect our citizens,” he said.

Salazar, who arrived in Mexico as Ambassador in September of 2021, has just finished his first year. Salazar acknowledged that one of his pressing issues is public security, which is why he has been touring Mexican states impacted by violent events.

He mentioned violent events such as those that include threats against avocado inspectors, journalists and the recent murders of two Jesuit priests in the north of the country.

Regarding the lawsuit filed by the Government of Mexico against American arms manufacturers and dealers, the Ambassador said that although this appeal will continue in court, the Biden Government is making efforts against the illegal trafficking.

“We are making a great effort against weapons in the United States and against the transfer of weapons from the United States to Mexico,” he stressed, highlighting the deep relationship between Mexico and the United States, with historical roots and a bright future.

“President Biden sees the relationship between Mexico and the United States as a relationship between equals, not as a relationship that existed in the past,” he said adding that “everything can be resolved” because it is a partnership.