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Two workers left suspended between high voltage cables on Akumal pole

Akumal, Q.R. — Two workers who were repairing a fiber optic signal on a pole were left suspended after receiving an electric shock. The incident happened at 8:35 a.m. Saturday when 911 received the report of two electrocuted people at the Akumal bridge.

Responding police officers arrived on scene, guarding the area to prevent the passage of vehicles, while firefighters were called to help the workers down from the pole. CFE personnel were also called upon to temporarily disconnect the power service and to help lower the workers who were trapped between the high voltage electric cables.

The two men became stuck when, after repairing the fiber optic signal on the light pole, they received an electric shock. The injured were listed as 27-year-old Carlos N of Chiapas and 23-year-old Eder N of Veracruz.

Both men were lowered from the pole and transferred to the General Hospital in Playa del Carmen for medical attention.