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Two Cancun taxi drivers kidnapped from unit outside hotel

Cancun, Q.R. — Police initiated a search in the Cancun Hotel Zone Wednesday for two missing taxi drivers and their kidnappers. The search began after police received the report that two men, two taxi drivers, were forcefully removed from a unit and transferred into a private vehicle.

The incident happened in a hotel parking lot. While both men were sitting inside the cab, unknown subjects approached the car and forcefully removed both men. They were ushered into a waiting Jetta, from where the driver fled.

Cancun police set up traffic check stops inside the Cancun Hotel Zone in search of the missing men, however, there has yet to be reports of them being found. Witnesses to the kidnapping said that the kidnappers were armed and outfitted with tactical vests.

When police arrived, the found an empty taxi with the driver’s door still open.