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Three taken into custody for possession of a loaded handgun hours after man dies from Playa del Carmen shooting in the same area

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two women and one man were arrested in Playa del Carmen Tuesday after a police chase. The chase began in the Villas del Sol residential area of the city and ended in the Misión de las Flores subdivision.

The chase began after police patrolling along Loros Avenue in Villas del Sol noticed one person from the trio handling a weapon. The three were seen standing next to a motorcycle on a public street.

All three fled the area when they noticed police closing in. They were intercepted in Misión de las Flores and inspected, which is when police located the loaded handgun.

Arrested was 21-year-old Mauricio N, 27-year-old Stephanya N and 34-year-old Cristina N. Hours earlier, a man was shot twice in that same area. He later died in hospital.