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Three jailed for stealing electronics from underground parked car

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three men were jailed Thursday after being reported for breaking into a car. The car was parked in an underground lot of a shopping centre in Playa del Carmen when the owner happened up three men at his front passenger door.

Police were told about the thefts from a victim who hailed patrolling officers and explained that he was an electronics repairman and saw the men removing two backpacks from the front of his car.

He was able to give a description, providing police with the make and model of their getaway vehicle. The vehicle was located in central Playa del Carmen and searched. Inside, police located the stolen backpacks and electronics.

Arrested was 24-year-old Luis N of Chiapas along with 41-year-old Armando N and 28-yearr-old Erick N, both from Tabasco. When searched, police located 31 cell phones, six laptops, two tablets, external memory storage, a charger and a bag of tools.

Earlier this week, a couple in Cancun attempting to avoid a police check stop were also found in possession of stolen electronics that included laptops and game consoles. On Thursday, store security footage in Playa del Carmen recorded two women breaking into a parked car to steal two baby seats.