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State Congress approves 34.6 billion budget for Quintana Roo

Chetumal, Q.R. — By majority, local deputies approved the 2022 Economic Package for the state of Quintana Roo. A majority of votes by deputies of the XVI Legislature of the State Congress said yes to a budget in excess of 34.6 billion peso.

Yohanet Torres Muñoz, head of the Ministry of Finance and Planning (SEFIPLAN), submitted the budget for approval last month. Now, she says “the economic package for the 2022 fiscal year is characterized by being a responsible, austere, efficient and stabilizing budget, allocating and prioritizing the generation of jobs, the economic reactivation and the protection of the health of the people of Quintana Roo.”

“I appreciate the political will and the work in favor of Quintana Roo by the local deputies by approving the 2022 Economic Package, which includes initiatives related to income, expenditures and reforms to various provisions in fiscal and financial matters,” she added.

The upcoming year will also focus on the implementation of strategies to increase the state’s own income without the creation of new taxes or the increase of those that already exist.

“The approved initiatives will allow the government, headed by Governor Carlos Joaquín, to use public resources appropriately and responsibly, with efficiency and transparency that is based on the discipline and financial capacity of the state,” Torres Muñoz said.

She also pointed out that on several occasions, she, along with her work team, went to congress to explain in detail points of the Economic Package as well as to respond to deputy questions.

“The government of Carlos Joaquín works hand-in-hand with the population of Quintana Roo. Only in this way can we consolidate what we have already started, which is a path of shared democratic responsibility in which freedom, solidarity and equality are the foundations that support our present and give viability to our future,” she added.