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Sefiplan presents state’s budget of 34.6 billion to congress

Chetumal, Q.R. — The Ministry of Finance and Planning (Seflipan), delivered the state’s 2022 Economic Package before the Finance, Budget and Account Commission.

The Economic Package, which is made up of the draft Income Law and the Expenditure Budget of the State of Quintana Roo, is for 34.6 billion peso for the 2022 fiscal year.

Yohanet Torres Muñoz, head of Sefiplan stated that “we complied with the mandate of Governor Carlos Joaquín, as well as legal regulations, to present the Economic Package for the next fiscal year before the sovereign Congress.”

She explained that the 2022 Economic Package is a political exercise of social and financial responsibility with public policies designed for the prosperity of the people and the care of the future of citizenship. Deputies will study and analyze the package to later discuss it and, where appropriate, approve it.

“Given the scarcity of resources and the political, economic and social challenges that we must face in 2022, a proposal has been presented where education, health, social protection and public safety are prioritized.

The budget also takes in consideration “tourism, the engine of the state’s economy, thus supporting the workforce and investment of the Quintana Roo business sector,” said the head of state public finances.

Torres Muñoz noted that “the future of Quintana Roo depends on keeping an order in public resources, a social commitment, a financial discipline and a shared democratic responsibility in which freedom, solidarity and equality are the bases that support the present and make the future viable.”