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Shipments of rails bound for Cancun arrives as Maya Train project moves forward

Progresso, Yucatan — The second of 14 shipments of rails have arrived at the port of Progresso. The second batch of rails, which arrived Wednesday from China, are bound for Valladiolid and Cancun for construction of the Maya Train.

The Integral Port Administration (API) says on May 18, the first shipment of 7,000 tons arrived from China and that on the 26th of May, the second shipment arrived. The shipment made its way to the port of Progresso after leaving Fangcheng, Chinsa Sunday.

After being unloaded, the rails will be transported in trailers to the Cancun and Valladiolid area so that work on the Maya train project can begin.

The API says that in total, 150,409 tons of railway material will be transported from China in 14 ship trips to Progresso, which is the only port in the southeast of Mexico able to receive ships docking for the transport of cargo.

In March, the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) began the acquisition of the rails to be used in the first five sections of the Maya Train. Since then, Fonatur has begun removing trees along the federal highway of Cancun and south of Playa del Carmen to make way for the laying of the rails.