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Secretary of the Government of Mexico refers to opposition legislators as hypocrites

Mexico City, Mexico — Adán Augusto López says opposition legislators are “hypocrites” after rejecting the presence of the Army, but requesting its deployment.

The Secretary of the Government of Mexico, Adán Augusto López, branded the opposition legislators as “hypocrites”, who with one hand reject the presence of the Army in the streets and, with the other, cry out for the deployment of the Armed forces, he said Friday.

During his speech in the Sinaloa Congress to talk about the Armed Forces and persuade local legislators to endorse the reform, the public official said that he was “sorry” for the position of the opposition parliamentary groups.

“What a pity it is for those who carry out government tasks, hypocrisy prevails with one hand crying out for the Army, the Armed Forces, the Civil Guard to help them with security tasks and on the other hand, denying the Mexicans this possibility,” he emphasized.

Given this, Augusto López admitted that in past administrations the Army committed abuses, but now this is behind us.

“It is about recognizing that the armed forces of our country have evolved for the better. Years ago, of course, the exercise of force was abused, but that Army is left behind. There is a loyal, committed Army, which is always ready to help,” he said adding “there is no municipal or state police in the country as prepared and trained to perform public security tasks as our Armed Forces.”

The Secretary of the Interior affirmed that the only objective sought by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s security strategy is to return peace to Mexicans.

“Now we want to build with you a better country, a better Sinaloa,” saying that Sinaloa is stigmatized by violence and drug trafficking. “We cannot continue allowing it.”

Last week, 155 deputies voted against putting elements of the Army in the streets to improve security. The vote ended with 339 in favor of, which pushed the general reform project ahead that could see the presence of the Armed Forces in public security tasks.