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Riviera Maya hotels prepare for hurricane season

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The hotel sector of Riviera Maya says they are in the midst of preparing for the upcoming hurricane season, which for the Atlantic, begins June 1.

The Asociación de Hoteles de la Riviera Maya (AHRM) reports the installation of its Internal Civil Protection Committee, which will ensure the safety of guests and collaborators in the event of a hurricane.

“As with every year, the organized hotel industry is committed to providing not only the best accommodation to our guests, but also the peace of mind that they visit a safe tourist destination prepared to act in the best way before, during and after a hurricane,” explained Conrad Bergwerf, President of AHRM.

According to early predictions, the Atlantic Basin is expected to see between six and eight hurricanes for the 2020 season.

“Riviera Maya will be ready to receive tourists when authorities reopen the destination. We will make their stay as pleasant as possible with the implementation of high standards of cleanliness, hygiene and safety in the event of any contingency,” added Manuel Paredes, executive director of AHRM.

According to AHRM, a large percentage of Riviera Maya lodging centers are certified as cyclonic shelters, which are reviewed every year to confirm that they are in optimal condition, as well as review evacuation protocols, first aid and the activation the Immediate Guest Location System, to which consulates and embassies have access.