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Residents attempt to loot overturned food trailer after Costa Maya highway accident

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — A collision between two transport trucks along a Costa Maya highway left one vehicle in the ditch and the other, overturned. The accident happened shortly after noon Sunday along the federal highway about an hour south of Tulum.

Reports say the two vehicles collided when one invaded the oncoming lane of the other. Upon impact, the weight of the food load of the semi caused the trailer and cab to become separated, resulting in the trailer rolling off the road and landing on its roof. The driver of the Yucatan-plated unit was unhurt from the accident.

As the accident hit social media, nearby residents began to arrive at the scene in an attempt to loot the food from the overturned trailer. However, elements from the National Guard arrived on scene and proceeded to guard the site to prevent potential looting.

Traffic was backed up as several large tow trucks were called in to removed the two large units from the sides of the highway. Neither driver was hurt in the accident.