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President López Obrador says government considering creating state-owned airline to offer more services

Mexico City, Mexico — The Government of Mexico is tossing around the idea of creating a state-owned airline, reported President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Tuesday.

During his morning press conference, AMLO said that the federal government is considering the idea of a state-owned airline operated by the company Olmeca-Maya-Mexica.

“Work is being done on that. There is the possibility that there will be a project to have an airline that is managed by the same company that will be in charge of the Maya Train,” he mentioned, adding that the presidential plane could be part of this initiative.

“It is being analyzed,” he said, “delivering it to the company that is going to handle 10 planes that are not going to be acquired, but rather rented. They are looking for what type of plane is the most convenient, with which companies. All this because there needs to be more services,” he explained.

“There are many places that cannot be reached by plane because they are not served by the current airlines. In addition, there has been a decrease, since Interjet and Aeromar flights have also been reduced. There are cities where there used to be flights and now there are no more,” he said.

López Obrador announced that if the project is successful, the new state run airline will begin operations as of 2023. An economic analysis of feasibility and the conditions that will exist in terms of concessions is being carried out.

“Olmeca-Maya-Mexica is going to operate the Chetumal airport, the Palenque airport, possibly one or two more,” he said.

The company Olmeca-Maya-Mexica is administered by the Armed Forces and is in charge of various federal projects, including the Maya Train and several airports.