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Pre-campaigning to begin for new governor of Quintana Roo

Chetumal, Q.R. — Candidates for the upcoming Quintana Roo governorship will begin campaigning at the end of the month. As of January 8, interested candidates began submitting their applications in person to the National Commission of Conventions.

Applications are being accepted to replace Governor Carlos Joaquin as his term comes to an end.  Those who are selected as pre-candidates will carry out a pre-campaign from January 22 to February 10.

The Coordinator of the State Operative Commission in Quintana Roo, Lidia Rojas Fabro, announced adjustments in the dates of the internal process of registering candidates, saying that on January 21, the origin of the records of pre-candidates for governor will be ruled.

According to information she provided, the pre-campaigns for governor will run from January 22 to February 10. The final ruling on the candidacy will be on February 14, while in the registry of candidates for deputy candidates will extend the process for another week, until January 26.

The process of electing the candidate for governor will be carried out by means of a national electoral assembly. The voting will also include new local deputies.