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Nine transferred to hospital from Puerto Aventuras accident scene

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — More than half of the passengers traveling in a combi were injured during a late night highway accident. The accident was reported to emergency services at 11:45 p.m. just south of Puerto Aventuras.

First responders found nine of the combi’s 16 passengers with injuries after the public transport van collided with a semi. The driver of the semi fled the scene, failing to stop after colliding with the combi that overturned due to the impact.

The driver of the van reported the semi flatbed, which was transporting a large piece of machinery at the time of the collision, crossed his path, causing him to hit the unit which left him overturned.

Emergency vehicles filled the highway in response to the crash. Photo: October 30, 2023.

Highway Transit authorities along with several ambulances were at the scene treating the injured. Those from inside the overturned van managed to crawl out through a broken back window and call for help.

Nine passengers from inside were taken to hospital. Photo: October 30, 2023.

Five men and four women were transferred to Playa del Carmen hospital. The combi was heading toward Tulum at the time of the accident. National Guard Highway Division flagged traffic along the darkened section of road until the scene was cleared.