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Mexico records decrease in covid-19 infections for eighth consecutive week

Mexico City, Mexico — According to the Secretary of Health, Mexico is in its eighth week of consecutive decreases in covid-19 infections. Hugo López-Gatell, the Undersecretary of Health made the announcement saying that the weekly epidemic aggregation curve reveals minimal activity.

During his recent report, he said that Mexico’s hospitals have registered a 97 percent decrease in covid-19 patients and that mortality rates show a reduction of 96 percent.

Although the fourth wave of is on its way out, the official said that “the figures are subject to the maintenance of low transmission conditions.”

As long as there are covid-19 cases in the world, there could be new transmissions López-Gatell warned noting the current covid-19 epidemic activity in other parts of the world like China. He said for this reason, there is a risk that the virus will spread again and infections will occur in the North American continent.

He also highlighted the high coverage of vaccinated people in the country as an important element to achieving the ongoing reduction of infections and deaths from the virus.  

“One of the crucial elements of this reduction, of course, has to do with vaccinations. We already have nearly 189 million doses administered throughout the country to cover and protect 85.5 million people.”

“We continue to recommend, we continue to promote that people get vaccinated,” he added.