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Islanders disheartened after rain and trucks return Holbox streets to waterfilled holes

Holbox, Q.R. — Many of the streets manually repaired by islanders are already in poor condition. After a bout of heavy rain, Holbox residents say trucks have destroyed their hard work.

Last weekend, a group of Holbox residents took to street repairs themselves leveling out dump truck loads of gravel to fill large potholes. However, days later, a heavy rain combined with the passage of trucks has left their streets resembling the pre-filled condition.

The island residents are demanding the intervention of authorities such as Public Security and the National Commission of Natural and Protected Areas (Conanp) to prohibit the passage of these vehicles on the streets that were filled with sand.

Islander Juan Manuel “S” said the worked-on areas were even cordoned off with tape, yet trucks passed over the newly laid sand, returning the roads to their original condition. Citizens have asked authorities to take action so that their work is respected.

Last weekend, a group of several dozen residents organized an island road repair. The volunteer group spread truck loads of sand by hand to fill in holes on the more traveled roads.