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Fed up islanders fill Holbox streets by hand

Holbox, Q.R. — A group of Holbox residents have repaired several of their streets themselves after no response from authorities. After several dump truck loads of gravel were delivered to the streets in need, the group of several dozen shoveled the loose gravel into place.

Potholes in their residential road were left filled with residual rain water, creating a messy and unsightly situation. Juan “S”, one of the involved residents, said they decided to fill their roads themselves after a lack of response from the municipality.

The group of neighbors said they chose to fill the roads by hand after recent rains left many of the island streets in terrible condition and authorities do nothing to improve their condition.

Juan “S” said after the rains, they held a meeting between residents and planned the road repairs themselves. They filled in several roads including in front of schools and the main Pedro Joaquín Coldwell Avenue, which is heavily traveled.