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Island of Holbox confirms 30 positive Covid-19 cases since reopening to tourists

Holbox, Q.R. — After their reopening to tourists, the island of Holbox has confirmed 30 positive Covid-19 cases and one death.

Alejandro Montiel, director of the Holbox Health Center, confirmed the death of the 60-year-old woman earlier this week, who he says, was considered part of the vulnerable group to the coronavirus.

He says that they have also had 30 Covid-19 cases confirmed for the island, all of which occurred after the reopening to tourism. The director of the Health Center explained that in the last seven days, the situation has caused great concern among island residents since, until it reopened, Holbox remained free of Covid-19.

After almost three months of being closed, the island of Holbox lifted the blockades that were put into place to prevent the passage of tourists and non-residents. Since then, they have counted more than two dozen infections.