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Covid-19 hits Holbox already resulting in a death

Holbox, Q.R. — Health authorities from the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas have confirmed the first two positive cases of COVID-19 for Holbox, adding that there are other suspected cases.

“There are already confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Holbox. There are several people affected and other suspected cases. Please be vigilant, and if you have symptoms, especially a fever, do not leave your home,” they announced via an audio broadcast.

The two suspected cases were sent to Kantunilkín where they tested positive. Since then, one of the two has died. Reports say 60-year-old Cristina N died Tuesday morning from Covid-19 related issues. They also recognize more than two dozen possible suspected cases and are now asking residents to isolate themselves in order to prevent additional spreading stressing “we are not facing dengue or influenza, or anything like that.”

Island health authorities say the sudden outbreak occurred during the last seven days, since the reopening of tourist activities on the island, adding that the infected people could have contracted the virus in one of the exits to Cancun, a nearby municipality or even the city of Mérida. They say there are around 300 tourists on the island, mostly national.

Holbox remained Covid-19 free until its recent reopening.

The health center is preparing an official statement in addition to requesting a curfew for the island and the application of sanctions for those who fail to comply with health protocols including the wearing of mouth masks in public.

As of July 14, the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas reported 74 positive cases and six deaths.