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Illicit activities between gang members responsible for Playa del Carmen shootings

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Illicit activities have been given as the reason for the recent incidences in Playa del Carmen. In the past week, two armed attacks in the center of the city have seen several hospitalized and one killed.

Raúl Tassinari González, Secretary of Public Security and Transit of Solidaridad, said in both cases, those involved were also involved in illicit activities. In the case of the taxi driver who was shot to death inside his unit Saturday night, he had a history of selling drugs, Tassinari González said.

“In the case of this taxi driver that died due to gunshots, a long time ago he was arrested for drug possession in that same taxi,” Tassinari González pointed out.

He said it was similar in the case of the men shot inside a centrally located Playa del Carmen bar Sunday night. He said after an inspection of the bar, illicit substances were found.

“In the case of the event on Fifth Avenue between 6 and 8, it also has to do with criminal issues since several portions of drugs were found in the place,” he added, saying that these events are due to the reorganization of criminal cells in the city.

“Many events have occurred due to drug issues. The events that we have had are always due to a break between criminal groups,” he said. Tassinari González stated that they are reinforcing the Playa del Carmen tourist areas with surveillance, which includes Fifth Avenue, Tenth Avenue and the city center businesses sector.