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Hundreds of Cuban doctors placed in much needed areas of Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — By the middle of October, there will be 436 Cuban doctors practicing medicine in nine of Mexico’s states. On Tuesday, the General Director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), Zoé Robledo Aburto, reported on the numbers.

He said that Mexico has hired 436 Cuban physicians, who, by October 13, will be distributed into 79 municipalities in those states where doctors are most needed. As of now, there are already 352 doctors from Cuba in Mexico. By the middle of the month, another 84 will arrive.

The Cuban doctors were part of a large hire initiated by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in May of this year. In July, the first group of doctors from Cuba began arriving in Mexico.

Robledo Aburto explained that the doctors hired are working in the national healthcare system.

“It is important to point out that (doctors) have gone to regions that have high or very high levels of marginalization, or in hospitals where there was a vacancy that had existed for many years,” he explained.

The Cuban doctors brought to Mexico are practicing in the states of Nayarit, Oaxaca, Colima, Campeche, Baja California, Tlaxcala, Sonora, Zacatecas and Veracruz.