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Human Rights Commission investigating unjustified aggression by police against Cozumel journalist

Cozumel, Q.R. — A complaint for unjustified aggression is being looked into by the Human Rights Commission of the State of Quintana Roo. The investigation was initiated after a journalist, who was covering a Cozumel shooting, was assaulted by officers.

The complaint alleges an unjustified aggressive arrest by an element of the State Police and National Guard after the officer became annoyed that the reporter, Francisco N, was recording the scene on his phone.

Another onsite journalist recorded the state officer physically handling the journalist before throwing him to the ground, at which time, an element of the National Guard came running over to assist in the arrest.

“(…) during the coverage of a criminal incident, reporters were handcuffed and detained during the exercise of their journalistic work,” the Comisión de los Derechos Humanos del Estado de Quintana Roo wrote in their statement.

“With this action (opening a complaint) to the corresponding authorities will be required to submit reports regarding the accusations. Likewise, the ratification of the complaint by the aggrieved will be sought,” adds the letter.

The Cozumel reporter was assaulted and handcuffed Tuesday while covering the shooting death of a man outside a school.