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Governor says sanitary relaxation has seen sharp Covid increase, particularly in south of state

Chetumal, Q.R. — Given the increase in Covid-19 cases, particularly in the southern region of the state, Governor Carlos Joaquín González confirmed the strengthening of hospital capacity, mobility restrictions and increased vigilance of public transports.

He again, has made an appeal to locals to not relax sanitary protocols, noting it has lead to an increase in infections.

“The relaxation of sanitary measures has allowed the growth of Covid-19, increasing hospital occupation in some municipalities, especially in the south, specifically Chetumal, which to date, ranks second in incidence behind Cancun,” he indicated.

While noting that some municipalities have done well in that there is stability, others have shown an upward trend which is why additional actions are being taken, especially in hospital matters where the number of beds have been increased for Chetumal.

“You have to be prepared for any eventuality due to the relaxation of sanitary measures,” he said. The governor pointed out that as of Monday night, drastic actions were implemented with some inner city’s streets shut to restrict mobility.

“We are in a recovery program…we do not want deaths, restrictions, having to close companies. In Chetumal there has been a relaxation in (sanitary) measures and for this reason, the rise in Covid-19 has increased,” he explained.

“The health systems are not overwhelmed, but you have to be vigilant to offer the necessary hospital space,” he reiterated.

Carlos Joaquín stressed that Quintana Roo is striving for this recovery, already reaching 300 operations at the Cancun airport, which is an incentive that “we are going in the right direction”.

On Monday, state officials announced the rollback of some municipalities in regards to restrictions due to an increase of Covid infections.