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Governor Lezama meets with U.S. Consul Ngutter to discuss bilateral agreements

Cancun, Q.R. — The Governor of the State, Mara Lezama, met with the United States Consul, Dorothy Ngutter. The pair met on Thursday to discuss bilateral cooperation and work on educational, economic, environmental, security and U.S. citizen protection programs.

Mara Lezama welcomed the U.S. diplomat, reiterating that Quintana Roo is home for millions of American visitors who, year after year, arrive by air, preferring to vacation in Quintana Roo.

“Quintana Roo is the home of American tourists as it is for visitors from all over the world who prefer to visit the state’s wonders,” she said.

The governor highlighted that Quintana Roo is a destination that Americans seek because it guarantees them safety, experience and attention. In addition, it is the engine of the state economy, an international leader which in this new government, seeks a better level of equality and a balance between growth and the well-being of the community.

Mara Lezama and Dorothy Ngutter agreed on the importance of maintaining the ties of alliance and coordination, which will allow a rapid response and in the same sense in the face of any extraordinary situation, such as “fake news” or notices that seek to discredit or affect the Mexican destination.

“Quintana Roo is a priority state and the United States has its development plans and programs for this area available,” Ngutter commented.

She added that there are U.S. companies like Amazon, among others, that intend to invest in Quintana Roo territory through the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico (AmCham).

The Consul stated that through the United States Agenda for International Development (USAID) they maintain their support of $30 million USD for the south and southeast of Mexico, a scheme known as “South of Mexico, Generating Jobs and Sustainability”.