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Quintana Roo part of $30 million international assistance package announced for south

Mexico City, Mexico — A $30 million USD investment has been announced for the southeastern region of Mexico. The resources will be used to promote investments in emerging markets that increase job creation.

At a press conference, U.S. Ambassador Ken Salazar, said that there is interest on the part of the government of President Joe Biden to guarantee the economic strength of North America.

“The success of Mexico is the success of North America,” said Ambassador Salazar.

“I meet in CDMX with governors of the seven states of southeastern Mexico. This region is a priority for the United States. It represents a unique opportunity for conservation and sustainable development that we will enhance through private investment,” he posted on social media.

He says the U.S. government will increase its international assistance to southeastern Mexico with an investment of $30 million through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The investment will be made in the states of Chiapas, Campeche, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Veracruz, Yucatán and Quintana Roo to complement the efforts that the Mexican government is already making.

The program will consist of agreements between the government and private industry to help create a positive impact on the livelihoods of communities in those seven states.