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Government of Mexico rescuing archaeological zones and adding them to Maya Train route

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The Government of Mexico will not only rescue archaeological zones, but will add them to the Maya Train route. On Wednesday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, along with the Director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), Diego Prieto Hernández, said these archaeological zones are currently being rescued.

“The construction of the Maya Train means the recovery of the ancient Mayan cities and work is being done on discoveries, on the rehabilitation of abandoned archaeological sites (…) It will mean highlighting even more of the cultural greatness of Mexico in this region,” he said.

AMLO pointed out that since the start of Maya Train work along the Peninsula, “there are hundreds of archaeologists, as had not been seen before, working, recovering all our artistic and cultural wealth of the Mayan world.”

The Director of INAH, Diego Prieto Hernández, explained that to date, there are 450 archaeologists and around 900 professionals in different areas that include the systematization of information, georeferencing of cultural and archaeological data, as well as the analysis of obtained materials.

He also announced that, as part of the Archaeological Zones Improvement Program, they will incorporate two sites in Quintana Roo, Ichkabal and Paamul II, to be new additions to the state and Maya Train route.

He said the architectural structures of these sites will be restored as part of the conservation of cultural and historical heritage to be passed on to future generations.

The old city of Moral Reforma, Tabasco, will connect with the Maya Train at the El Triunfo station. This area will add to the visiting circuit, which will allow a better understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of national and foreign tourists.

Prieto Hernández said that section 5 south is 10.9 percent finished after resuming the excavation of archaeological material, while prospecting along section 5 north is 100 percent completed.

On September 27, a Yucatan judge revoked one of the definitive suspensions on section 5 of the Maya Train. Section 5, which runs from Cancun to Tulum, has been on hold for months after Amparos were filed by environmental groups.