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City of Cancun announces alternate roads for its three construction megaprojects

Cancun, Q.R. — The city of Cancun has created six alternative routes for traffic to be used during the remodeling of some of its key roadways. Lourdes Latife Cardona Muza, head of the Municipal office, reported the new routes before the start of the rehabilitation of Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio.

In her press release, Cardona said the routes “will allow vehicular transfer from said boulevard to Huayacán Avenue as the work progresses. Those alternative routes are Álamos Street, Sierra Madre Street, Los Olivos Avenue, Nazareth Street, Colegios Avenue and Chapultepec Street.”

Cardona said that the rehabilitation of Boulevard Colosio will offer the city better service in terms of road safety as well as first-class infrastructure at the height of Cancun, since it is a leading vacation destination.

She said both residents and tourists will need to consider these streets and avenues as alternate routes in case they need to join the boulevard and vice versa.

She explained that work will begin in the direction of the Cancun International Airport toward the city center in 1.3 kilometers sections, so as the project progresses, the alternate arteries will be partially closed.

The entire remodel she detailed, is by the Government of Mexico and includes three projects which are the rehabilitation of 13.5 kilometers of Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard for an estimated cost of 1 billion peso, the construction of 8.8 kilometers of the Nichupté Bridge for around 5.5 billion and a new cloverleaf road system for the Cancun Airport junction that is estimated to cost 360 million peso.