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Chetumal parents demand return of backpack checks after second grade student shows off gun during recess

Chetumal, Q. R. — Dozens of parents from a Chetumal secondary school are demanding the return of backpack checks. The concerned and angry parents arrived at the Chetumal school Wednesday morning after a second grade student was caught with a gun the day before.

The young man, who has since been suspended, was caught after hundreds of students shared photos of him with the gun on school property. Reports say the second grade student smuggled the gun into the school and hide it in the bathroom until recess.

During the break, he took it out and began showing it off to other students who captured it on both video and still shot photos. From there, the photos began circulating, quickly ending up on the phone of some parents.

Both the school’s administration and the police became involved, who deployed a military vehicle of army personnel onto the school’s property Tuesday after angry parents began showing up. After a review of the weapon, the gun was reported to be a Pietro Beretta 9mm replica pistol gun lighter.

On Wednesday morning, the municipal school administration held a meeting with parents who demanded the return of backpack checks to avoid such incidences.