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Capella confirms recapture of escaped Chetumal prisoner

Chetumal, Q.R. — After 24 hours of being on the run, elements of the Quintana Roo police rearrested José Luis Contreras Gutiérrez after his escape from a Chetumal prison Monday.

The secretary of public security, Alberto Capella, confirmed the recapture of the escaped prisoner. Authorities report that approximately 20 people including custodians, policemen who guarded the perimeter of the prison and cellmates are subject to investigation to determine how he escaped. Their investigation revolves around three cellmates, eight custodians and at least 13 police officers who were distributed around the grounds and watchtowers of the prison.

José Luis Contreras Gutiérrez has been serving time since 2016 on robbery charges, however, he will now face charges of evasion. On Monday, police in Chetumal released a public warning about the escape of the inmate from the prison.