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Cancun health director says people do not understand, city could return to red epidemiological light

Cancun, Q.R. — The director of Health for Benito Juárez says the focus is to ensure Cancun hospitals do not become saturated, which is why they are carrying out operations to prevent the spread of the virus. Joaquín Barajas Pérez, the director of Health for Cancun, says that if people do not understand the importance of preventing the spread of the virus, “it is latent to return to a red light”.

He regretted that a large part of society does not understand the importance of protecting themselves including wearing a face mask, keeping a healthy distance and the washing of hands. He says it is for this reason that public operations around the city are continually carried out, especially in places such as public transport and street markets, which is where they have detected the greatest transmission problems.

“The area of high contagion, by a study done by the Ministry of Health, are the areas of avenida López Portillo, which includes Villas del Mar I, II, III and Región 102, 103. All of these areas have been found to be of high contagion, the northwestern area of the city,” revealed the doctor.

He mentioned that in these areas, people refuse to use mouth mask and that authorities have observed unprotected children playing on the streets, which he says, is what triggers alarms.

He emphasized that if people do not follow health measures to avoid the contagion, there is a possibility that the northern part of the state will return to a red light.

“Our vision between now and December is to go achieve a yellow epidemiological light, not green, but we have to carry out operations to make people aware,” he concluded.

The news comes a day after the city of Cancun began operating a special Covid police force, to ensure people understand the necessity of wearing mouth masks and abide by health protocols.