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Specialized Covid-19 police hit Cancun streets

Cancun, Q.R. — With trained, specialized and designated officers, special Covid-19 police have hit the streets of Cancun. The first of their kind in the country, the Policía de Reacción COVID-19 will ensure that all citizens and visitors to the city abide by the current health protocols.

Cancun mayor Mara Lezama Espinoza led the official start on the esplanade of the Municipal Secretariat of Public Security, emphasizing that these specialized police officers will be a fundamental key to contributing to the health of the people of Benito Juarez.

“You are the pioneers in this field so we can have a new healthy and calm normal and with impeccable performance, always respecting human rights and being empathetic, we will succeed,” she announced.

During the ceremony, Lezama Espinoza emphasized that the primary mission of this new division is to alert and prevent the spread of the virus. “Incorporating the Policía de Reacción COVID-19 into the Seguridad Pública y Tránsito is one of the best decisions we have taken to face the pandemic, especially at a time when we must implement all the preventive measures in public areas and zones allowed with the restart of activities,” she emphasized.

“These are not police that arrive to be an inquisitor, to be a tax collector, they are a police that comes to save lives, to help us spread the message, so that all those who have to go to essential activities have guidance to return safe and sound,” she concluded.

In shifts, the officers, who can be identified by their specialized arm bands, work in the city with GPS motion sensor night vision cameras on their lapels, with which they can document every moment with citizens.

Other cities have already expressed interest in creating a similar Covid-19 police force, waiting for Cancun to announce the new force’s usefulness and benefits.