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Burned cables and negligent driver said causes of deadly Line 3 metro accident

Mexico City, Mexico — The deadly metro accident on Line 3 of the Metro was caused by burning cables and negligence of the driver. The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office says that the crash was the product of the willful burning of electrical cables and negligent driving.

Carlos Alfredo “N”, the driver of the train involved in the crash, has been arrested.

Ulises Lara, spokesman for the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office, said the first cause indicates that the accident originated due to the intentional burning and cutting of the cables located in two connection registers.

These records contain electrical wiring for communications, signaling and automatic piloting at the Potrero Station on its eastern and western sides.

The second cause points to the negligent driver of train number 24, who is accused of not respecting the driving safety measures in not exceeding 35 kilometers per hour.

On January 7, two Mexico City metro cars crashed at the Potrero – La Raza interstation on Line 3. One young woman in her 20s was killed and 106 left with non-serious injuries.