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One dead and 22 stable in hospital after two-train metro crash in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico — At least 22 people remain stable in Mexico City hospitals after a two-train crash on line 3 of the city’s metro system. The crash happened Saturday morning.

According to the Victim Care Commissioner, Ernesto Alvarado, 57 people from the two trains “were transferred to hospitals”, while another 49 went by their own means. Of the more than 100 who suffered injuries, 22 remain stable in hospital. One woman, Yaretzi “N”, was killed.

During a press conference by Claudia Sheinbaum, the head of Mexico City Government, she reported that Alberto García Lucio, who served as Deputy Director of Metro Operations, has since been separated from his position.

During the press conference, Sheinbaum detailed that at 9:16 a.m. Saturday there was a collision between two trains on Line 3 of the Metro in which one person was killed.

The crash happened between the La Raza and Potrero stations that initially left four people trapped in the twisted metal. One of the train operators remains in hospital in serious condition.

Metro engineers and technicians worked Sunday on the reopening of Line 3 after Guillermo Calderón, the General Director of the Metro, instructed personnel to begin work to restart Line 3 operations. Authorities have not provided details on how the two trains ended up colliding.