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Belize could keep border closed for remainder of year

Chetumal, Q.R. — In what the Belizean authorities are calling “not very encouraging news”, the neighboring country could keep its borders closed for the rest of the year. President of the National Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Chetumal, Jaime Mingüer Cerón, says that the economy for the state’s capital city is already going through a crisis and is on the verge of collapse since more than 50 percent of visitors arrive from Belize.

If the country remains closed, it will be especially difficult for merchants and service providers who are already facing a severe economic crisis due to the effects of the pandemic. Mingüer Cerón says that the economic benefit of Belize visitors is important, adding that their biggest demands include hotels, restaurants and recreation activities.

He stressed that prior to the pandemic, approximately 20,000 Belize residents crossed into the Mexican region each month, generating millions in revenue for southern businesses. With the pandemic, the Mexico-Belize border has been closed for months.

Mingüer Cerón added that Belize authorities have not given any indication as to when they may reopen their border as they continue to maintain strict hygiene and security measures to avoid contagion.