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Authorities shut Forky’s in Chetumal for being center of criminal gang operations

Chetumal, Q.R. — A Friday night search by dozens of police officers in the state capital city of Chetumal has lead to the closure of a bar. Authorities reported the search and subsequent closure of Forky’s catina bar in Chetumal in relation to the January 10 arrests of four.

More than 50 elements from the police, navy, national defense and national guard took part in the Friday night operation that saw the establishment shut down.

The bar was run by Rudy Gilbert Manzano, one of the four arrested late January 10 after four police officers went missing. A search located the missing officers unharmed. The four responsible were located in the community of Luis Echeverría where three men and one woman were taken into custody.

One of the men arrested, an ex-state police officer and leader of the criminal group, was transferred to a maximum security prison in Mexico City Wednesday. The other three remain imprisoned in the Cereso in Chetumal.

A search was made of the Chetumal bar after it was found linked to organized crime. Authorities say Forky’s was used as the center of operations for a criminal gang that operated in the southern region of the state.