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Austrian Air resumes direct Vienna to Cancun flights

Cancun, Q.R. — Authorities were on the tarmac Sunday for the arrival of Austrian Air at Terminal 4. Authorities of the Cancun City Council reported that after 14 years, the direct Vienna-Cancun route was reactivated with the arrival of 306 passengers.

Cancun mayor, Mara Lezama said that the airline will provide two flights per week, landing at Cancun International every Thursday and Sunday.

“Our challenge is to turn the sustained economic development of our city into a reality that generates shared prosperity in all corners of the municipality in the pockets of our people.

“May this advancement be for the well-being of the thousands of families that depend on our proliferating tourist activity,” said Lezama.

She pointed out that few destinations in the world can say that, after the passage of the pandemic, they have recovered as quickly as Cancun has, which is the result of the effort and great alliances.

Lezama added that the state is anticipating a 40 percent increase in travelers during the remaining weeks of the year, adding that new routes into Cancun are being planned from Ukraine, Amsterdam and Turkey.