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Another fuel tanker overturns on sharp Costa Maya highway corner

José María Morelos, Q.R. — Emergency services were sent to the scene of another overturned fuel tanker along the José María Morelos-Polyuc highway, southwest of Tulum. When they arrived, they located the unit on its side blocking the area’s only two lanes.

The accident happened Monday at Kilometer 152 when it is believed the driver of the unit lost control on a corner and overturned. Elements from the National Guard were sent to the site, as was a tow truck.

Authorities reported no fuel spillage during the mishap. The driver was able to crawl out of his cab. He was not injured.

It was the fourth accident in that same area on Monday. Throughout the day, four private vehicles were also towed from highway ditches after drivers lost control on the same corner.

In the four private accidents, there were no reported injuries, only material damage to the vehicles.

In mid-December, emergency personnel responded to another fuel tanker that overturned on the same corner. That tanker ended up rolling and landing on its roof.