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Akumal mayor begins street paving work project

Tulum, Q.R. — With an investment of 3.8 million peso, the municipal president initiates the paving of Akumal streets.

Municipal president Victor Mas Tah says that paving for 4,886 linear meters of streets have begun for the community of Akumal. He says the project will benefit at least 1,500 people and take approximately 40 days to complete.

He stressed the importance of Akumal residents having a variety of services. “We have a strong work dynamic to meet all the needs of the communities, so Akumal will be provided with paved streets, potable water, sports facilities, public parks, electrification, sidewalks and garrisons,” he said.

“One of the priorities has been to provide the towns with health clinics with sufficient medication, garbage collection and street lighting, so in the coming weeks, enough material will arrive to move forward in terms of of street lighting in all the municipal geography,” he added.

Víctor Mas Tah mentioned that upon assuming the position of mayor, 70 percent of the street lighting was totally deteriorated and at present, it’s about 50 percent, but a lot remains to be done.