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2022 anticipated to be good year for south with planned investment projects

Chetumal, Q.R. — Planned investments in 2022 will ensure a good year for the southern region of the state says union head. Antonio González Notario, General Secretary of Volqueteros Caja Roja, says more than 900 million peso in federal and state public projects have been earmarked for the new year.

He explained that with the upcoming construction of the Maya Train, the remodeling of Chetumal Boulevard, as well as the construction of rural roads, work will be provided for nearly all of the southern region’s construction companies.

Noatrio clarified that these construction projects will include companies located in the south as well as state companies in the freight transport service. He says there are approximately 6,000 families who rely on this sector for employment in the Costa Maya, Chetumal region.

He added that these families have been without work for nearly a-year-and-a-half due to the pandemic that saw both federal and state funding for projects cut.

“Fortunately, 2022 looks to be an exceptionally good year. I even dare to say it will exceed the rate from the years before the pandemic,” he said.

The first project up is the remodeling of Boulevard de Chetumal for January. In April, construction is expected to begin on the Maya Train station that is planned for Chetumal in addition to the route that will connect the railroad between Cancun with the state capital.

“For these two projects, both state and federal projects, priority will be given to local companies. Of course, several details still need to be defined such as the specific jobs we are going to be working on to close the contracts. However, we hope that everything will be resolved within the first weeks of the New Year,” he said.