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Video captures moment shooters opened fire on Playa del Carmen restaurant patrons

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Video surveillance feed pulled from the exterior of the Cervecería Chapultepec restaurant in west Playa del Carmen shows the moment two young men arrived and began randomly shooting at guests.

According to the video feed, the two gunmen arrived and shot at guests for a total of seven seconds before fleeing on foot. The video captures the pair approaching the restaurant, casually walking along Constituyentes Avenue before opening fire at 9:32 p.m.

Video recorded them walking partially past the restaurant on the street before turning and entering the sidewalk where restaurant tables and chairs were located. That was the moment one male began shooting at those outside, and the other, opening fire on those sitting inside the restaurant.

During those seven seconds, the pair left one dead and 11 wounded.

The attack happened on the evening of May 13. Motive for the attack has been blamed on revenge for floor-right payments. There have not been any arrests.