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Two wanted by Interpol arrested in Mexico City Airport

Mexico City, Mexico — Two people listed on Interpols’ wanted list have been taken into custody at the International Airport in Mexico City.

Personnel of the Attorney General’s Office located inside the Mexico City International Airport report the separate arrest of a woman and a man, both of whom had an Interpol Red Notice.

According to a statement, in coordination with agents of the National Institute of Migration and elements of the Federal Ministerial Police, Johana Sánchez Loaiza, who arrived on a commercial flight from Colombia was arrested. She was sought by authorities in El Salvador since 2018 for the crime of fraud.

Federal Police also report the arrested Ignacio Vásquez Sánchez at the Mexico City International Airport when descending from a commercial flight from Toronto, Canada. Vásquez Sánchez also had a Red Interpol Notice, published at the request of the National Central Office of Interpol Mexico.

He was taken into custody on an arrest warrant issued by the Judicial District of Santiago Zacatepec Mixe, Oaxaca for the crime of qualified homicide dating back to 2003, when he allegedly shot and killed a man.