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Two police units damaged in Riviera Maya highway chase that ended in nine arrests

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — A Saturday afternoon highway chase that left two police trucks damaged has lead to the arrests of nine people. The eight adults and one minor were taken into police custody after failing to stop at the southern federal highway filter.

On Sunday, the SSC (Seguridad Ciudadana Solidaridad) reported that eight of the people inside the SUV were of foreign origin. The driver of the SUV was Mexican.

Two police vehicles were damaged in the highway chase that initiated at the southern Playa del Carmen police filter and finally ended on Playa del Carmen Boulevard and CTM Avenue in the city.

Those inside were found to be from El Salvador and Brazil. The SSC did not say if they were in the country illegally.

“After a chase, municipal and traffic police arrested nine adults with a minor while traveling in a van, ignored the instructions of the Tulum – Playa del Carmen Police filter, undertaking fleeing and putting the safety of other drivers, pedestrians and crew members at risk.

“After receiving a report of a Durango-type Dodge truck from the state of Tabasco, which ignored the filter’s instructions and did not slow down, elements of the Municipal Preventive and Traffic Police implemented a pursuit operation in which Ttpolice units were damaged.

“The vehicle was hit on Playa del Carmen Boulevard with CTM Avenue and the driver Martín “N”, 29 years old from Tabasco, was arrested. Passengers Jonathan “N” 25, Carlos “N” 45, Neris “N” 42, Bryan “N” 19, and Wendy “N” also 19, all from El Salvador were also arrested.

“Cristiele “N”, 21, Thiago “N”, 24 years old and Fulvis “N”, 45 and originally from Brazil were taken into legal custody along with a 1-year-old minor from El Salvador.

“The driver and passengers were placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General’s Office, while the minor was protected by the GEAVIG Specialized Group for Family and Gender Violence of the police corporation.”