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Two jailed for possession after Chetumal police stop car for speeding

Chetumal, Q.R. — Two men stopped for speeding ended up jailed on possession charges. On Thursday, Chetumal police stopped a car they saw speeding along Flamboyanes Street.

According to Quintana Roo Police, the driver of the Tsuru attempted to flee the area when he saw police. Chetumal offices caught up with the driver and upon inspection, located a variety of narcotics.

In a briefing, they reported “the Policía Quintana Roo of Othón P. Blanco arrested José Ricardo “N” and Carlos “N” on Chicozapote Street in the city of Chetumal, assuring them of various illicit substances, cash and two cell phones.”

The pair were found in possession of various forms of cocaine as well as 2,217 peso in cash and two cell phones.