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Two Cancun officers injured during suspicious stop

Cancun, Q.R. — Two motorcycle police officers were injured when they were hit by the driver of a vehicle who they had just stopped for a review. The accident occurred on Avenida Niños Héroes in the Villas Otoch Paraíso subdivision of Cancun after the blue Jetta was stopped for suspicious activity.

While stopped, the driver of the Jetta hit the officers with the car before speeding away. Both officers received minor injuries from the blow of the vehicle. Paramedics arrived to treat both men before transferring them to hospital.

Shortly afterward, Cancun police were successful in locating the blue Jetta that struck the two officers in SM 259. The Quintana Roo plated vehicle was discovered with front-end damage. It was found abandoned on Atlixco street in the Costa Azul II subdivision in region 202.

The vehicle was transferred to the public safety facilities where they will locate the owner to respond for the accident.