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Two arrested in killing of Playa del Carmen police commander

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two people have been arrested in the death of a Playa del Carmen police commander.

La Fiscalía General del Estado has released a statement saying they have detained two implicated in the murder of a Solidaridad police commander that took place on March 2. One of the detainees was linked to the process while the other requested a constitutional extension.

The FGE explained that Ministerial Police conducted the corresponding investigation and with evidence, were able to identify the alledged participants and their location.

The state has filed criminal action against both for the crime of homicide and attempted homicide. Arrested are Gabriel N, who has been linked to the murder and Silvia N, who has requested the constitutional extension.

Gabriel N has been ordered to remain in preventative detention by a judge. Silvia N is expected to resolve her legal status in coming days. Police have not released photos of the two suspects.

On March 2, Playa del Carmen police commander José del Carmen Rodríguez Madrazo, was shot along with his wife outside their home in the residential area of Plamas I. Both died.