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Trio arrested in Cancun rob people through dating sites

Cancun, Q.R. — Two women and one man accused of stealing from people through a dating site were arrested in Cancun. On Friday, the SSP announced the arrests of three adults who were taken into police custody after being stopped at the Cancun Federal Filter.

According to SSP information, all three met their victims through a dating site. When meeting in person, their date was robbed of items including cash and cell phones. Quintana Roo Police arrested Brenda “N”, José Julio “N” and Ariana “N”.

They were pulled over at the Cancun Federal Inspection Filter after their car was seen driving at excessive speed along the highway from Playa del Carmen toward Cancun. Once stopped, a police inspection found $363 USD, 24,570 Mexican pesos, a watch, a camera and six cell phones.

In their report, the SSP says the three arrested people are alleged to engage in robbery through a social dating network and through the deception of their victims.